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Wisdom Teeth Removal Costs

a person holds the side of their mouth in pain and wonders about wisdom teeth removal cost

For many people, wisdom teeth removal is a rite of passage. It can be a little daunting, but at Dental Designs of Maryland – White Marsh, MD, we want to assure you that the procedure is common and typically goes smoothly. The cost of tooth removal can vary depending on factors such as the number of wisdom teeth extracted and if any complications arise during the procedure.

However, we offer a range of payment options and accept most major insurance plans to ensure that the wisdom teeth removal cost is manageable for our patients. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 410.834.4284 to learn more about Dental Designs of Maryland – White Marsh, MD, and our wisdom teeth removal procedure in White Marsh, MD.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties. They’re called “wisdom teeth” because they usually come in around the time when people are considered old enough to have acquired some life experience.

Some people’s wisdom teeth come in just fine and cause no problems. But for many others, wisdom teeth can crowd existing teeth or even grow in at an angle. This can cause pain, infection, and other dental problems. That’s why wisdom teeth removal is such a standard procedure. The benefits that come with removing your wisdom teeth can include the following:

  • Improved oral health and hygiene
  • Easier maintenance of surrounding teeth
  • Prevention of future dental issues

Recovery after wisdom teeth removal can vary from person to person, but it typically only takes a few days. Our team at Dental Designs of Maryland – White Marsh, MD, will provide you with post-surgery care instructions and any necessary medication to ensure a smooth recovery.

Understanding the Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

If your dentist or orthodontist has recommended that your wisdom teeth be removed, don’t worry. The wisdom teeth removal procedure is very straightforward. First, you’ll be given local anesthesia to numb the area around your wisdom teeth. Then, your dentist will make small incisions in your gums to access your wisdom teeth.

Once your wisdom teeth are exposed, your dentist will remove them using special instruments. Sometimes, your dentist may need to break your tooth into smaller pieces before removing it. After removing your wisdom teeth, your dentist will close up the incisions with stitches. You’ll likely be given gauze to bite down on to control bleeding. The whole procedure usually takes less than an hour.

What to Expect from the Recovery Process

After your wisdom teeth removal, you may experience some swelling and discomfort. The dentist will give you pain medication to manage discomfort and instructions for taking care of the surgical area. This may include eating soft foods, avoiding strenuous activity, and rinsing with salt water.

Following your post-surgery treatment instructions is critical to ensure a quick recovery. As with any dental procedure, there may be some risks involved with wisdom teeth removal. However, these risks are minor and can easily be avoided by following your dentist’s advice and attending all follow-up appointments. At Dental Designs of Maryland – White Marsh, MD, we want our patients to have the best experience possible during and after their wisdom teeth removal procedure.

What Is the Average Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal varies depending on several factors:

  • Whether you have dental insurance
  • The severity of your case
  • Additional treatments (e.g., if you need sedation dentistry)

At Dental Designs of Maryland – White Marsh, MD, we work with our patients to make the cost as manageable as possible. We offer financing options.

How to Pay for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Do you need dental insurance for wisdom teeth removal? If you have insurance, it may cover some or all of the wisdom teeth removal cost. Many dental insurance plans cover a portion of the cost of wisdom teeth extractions. It’s essential to check with your insurance provider to understand the extent of your coverage for this procedure.

At Dental Designs of Maryland – White Marsh, MD, we accept most major dental insurance plans, alleviating the financial burden for our patients. For those without dental insurance or whose plans don’t fully cover the procedure, we provide various affordable financing options to ensure that everyone can access this essential dental service.

Schedule Your Wisdom Teeth Removal Service at Dental Designs of Maryland – White Marsh, MD

Don’t let wisdom teeth cause you discomfort or put your oral health at risk. To better understand wisdom teeth removal costs or schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us at Dental Designs of Maryland – White Marsh, MD. Our team provides top-quality dental care while ensuring a positive patient experience. Call us today at 410.834.4284 to schedule your appointment with us and learn more about wisdom tooth removal costs.