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What Are Examples of Restorative Dentistry?

an elder man sits in a dental exam chair holding up a mirror as a dental professional explains and shows the patient examples of restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dental care that focuses on diagnosing and treating oral health issues affecting the functionality, appearance, and overall health of teeth, gums, and jaw. With numerous treatment options available, it’s essential to understand the various examples of restorative dentistry to determine which procedure is suitable for you.

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Understanding Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry aims to restore the oral cavity’s normal function, appearance, and health. Some common issues addressed by restorative dentistry include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Missing teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Cavities
  • Oral pain and discomfort
  • Other structural problems

By identifying and treating these issues, restorative dentistry can significantly enhance your quality of life and prevent further dental complications.

Some Restorative Dentistry Examples

Here are some examples of restorative dentistry procedures that can help address various dental issues:

Dental Fillings

One of the most common examples of restorative dentistry is dental fillings. Fillings can help treat tooth decay, also known as cavities. The decayed portion of the tooth is removed, and a filling material, such as amalgam or composite resin, is used to fill the space and restore the tooth’s structure and function.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are another example of restorative dentistry. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a damaged or weakened tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. Crowns can be made from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, gold, or metal alloys. They can offer protection for teeth that have undergone root canal therapy or have large fillings, as well as cover dental implants or dental anchor bridges.

Dental Bridges

This option replaces one or more missing teeth by anchoring an artificial tooth (or teeth) to the adjacent healthy teeth, called abutment teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular and long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth. A titanium post is surgically implanted into the jawbone, acting as an artificial tooth root. Once the implant has fused with the bone, a dental crown is attached to the post, creating a natural-looking and fully functional artificial tooth. Dental implants can prevent the loss of jawbone density, which happens when teeth are missing.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a restorative dentistry procedure that treats infected or severely damaged teeth. The infected pulp is removed, and the tooth’s inner chamber is cleaned and disinfected. The tooth is then filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha and sealed with a dental filling or crown to protect it from further damage.


Dentures are removable dental appliances that can replace multiple missing teeth. They can be either full dentures, which replace an entire arch of teeth, or partial dentures, which replace only some missing teeth. Dentures are custom-made from acrylic resin to look and function like natural teeth.

Choosing the Right Restorative Dentistry Procedure

When considering the various examples of restorative dentistry, it’s essential to consult with your dentist to determine the most appropriate treatment for your specific needs. Your dentist will evaluate factors such as your oral health, medical history, and personal preferences. With that information, your dentist will develop a customized treatment plan addressing your concerns.

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Restorative dentistry is crucial in maintaining and improving oral health and overall well-being. Understanding the different examples of restorative dentistry allows you to decide which treatment is best for your dental needs.

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