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Tooth Extraction Services

young girl showing her tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is not typically something people look forward to enduring, nor do they anticipate needing one until the moment arrives. A variety of things cause the need for a tooth extraction. The good news is tooth extraction services are simple, straightforward, and not necessarily painful for you or your wallet. Dental Designs of Maryland – White Marsh, MD is deeply experienced in providing tooth extraction in White Marsh, Maryland. Call 410.834.4284 to learn more about dental services in White Marsh.

What Are Tooth Extractions?

Tooth extractions are when a tooth is entirely removed from a person’s mouth. They are typically a last resort option. The dentist always prefers to keep the tooth in the patient’s mouth. However, sometimes, though, that isn’t possible. 

Most often, people who need tooth extraction services suffer from a lot of pain. Many people put off getting this type of procedure because they imagine it will be quite painful. In reality, continuing to suffer with an aching tooth is the far more painful option. More often than not, tooth extraction is the ticket to eliminating oral pain resulting from a decayed tooth or other issues. 

Except for wisdom teeth, tooth extraction is followed by some kind of replacement. Leaving a gap in your teeth is not only bad cosmetically; it will cause surrounding teeth to try to fill that space. That will result in misalignment and crooked teeth and could cause other oral problems in the future. 

Reasons for Tooth Extraction Services

Tooth extraction services become necessary for five main reasons. 

1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most common reason for tooth extractions. More than two-thirds of tooth extraction services are the result of tooth decay. Instead, extraction becomes necessary only when decay affects the tooth and the pulp. Once the pulp begins decaying, root canals are no longer feasible, and the tooth needs removal.

2. Extra Teeth

Extra teeth are typically baby teeth that, for whatever reason, do not fall out. Adult teeth usually grow as people age. These extra teeth can cause alignment and cosmetic problems. Since they are leftover baby teeth, they have no purpose for remaining when the adult teeth have come in. The best approach is to remove them, so the adult teeth have the space they need to function.

3. Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is when the gums surrounding the teeth are infected. Sometimes, the gums are damaged, meaning they can no longer hold a tooth in place effectively. In this scenario, the tooth needs extraction.

4. Before Getting Braces

Braces require enough spacing for teeth to move into proper alignment under pressure from the braces. Sometimes, it is not possible to attach braces without first removing a tooth that is far out of alignment. Once the impediment is removed, braces can go about their business of aligning the teeth.

5. Fractured Teeth

Most of the time, dentists can save damaged or cracked teeth if the issue is addressed when it first appears. However, tooth extraction may be the only option when a tooth is severely damaged.

How Tooth Extraction Services Occur

Tooth extraction services occur as either simple or surgical procedures. Simple procedures involve a local anesthetic applied to the affected site. Once anesthetic kicks in, dental tools are used to isolate the tooth and sever its attachment to the gums. Dental forceps then carefully remove the tooth. Due to the use of an anesthetic, the procedure is painless. Most people finish a tooth extraction feeling better than before it started because the painful tooth is gone.

The other way tooth extraction services happen is through surgical procedures. This method occurs when the tooth is not visible or easily accessed. An example of this is wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth often begin causing oral issues even before they erupt through the gumline. Surgical extractions start with an incision into the gum line near the operation site. Then, a drill removes a small portion of the adjacent bone. Once the tooth is accessible, it is carefully removed. 

Again, an anesthetic is used during surgical extractions so that patients do not experience pain during the procedure. Since the surgical method is more invasive, some discomfort may exist for a few days afterward. Dentists often prescribe simple pain medication to help people get through those first painful days.

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